The ice box

The fridge… such a great invention. The upgrade to the ice box. And yet, completely misused in my opinion. We only have one at my place. You read it right. Just one. No extra freezer in case things go on sale, no extra in the garage, no extra nothing. I never thought that to be weird until I was told by perplexed visitors why that was the case. I have to say it made me reflect on why I do the things I do.
Where I was born, the electricity factor was quite limited. There were many fortunate days were we “had” electricity and we were able to enjoy the tv, light in each room and all the monsters would disappear. That was however not a common thing. More on that in a future post. Now back to the fridge. In this hot country, the fridge was the ice box and not the upgrade.  It is used to store water and keep the ice as long as possible. There was the occasional freshly made juices and some frozen juices if you timed it just right (meaning you knew what your electricity window was). It was not, I repeat, not to store meat, fruits and definitely not cheese. There was no “leftovers” because there was no guarantee that it wouldn’t spoil. This would mean that you wasted your money. And if there is one thing that is a priority along immigrants is never waste anything. You plan out the day, you know what meals you’re cooking, you know how much is needed for everyone in the household, hit the farmer’s market and get your fresh produce. Everything and I mean everything is consumed that day. There is no leftover and definitely no waste.
Guess what I brought back with me? Same concepts but just a couple of tweaks. If we don’t use it, it’s never getting bought again. There is a constant inventory of what is in there and the leftovers are eaten the next day (never later than that). I use the freezer side of the fridge very wisely and always rotating what is in there and making sure at some point, it is purged completely.  At some point every two weeks, it looks like a college student on Ramen noodles is living there and I don’t feel one piece of guilt.