Let’s go to the beach

The first time I went to an American beach, I experienced something called culture shock. I was hanging with my family and they proposed a beach day. I was so excited, it had been a while. I put in my amazing bathing suit and and pull on some shorts and got ready to go. I’ve never seen what I know now is a boardwalk before. There was so much to see, different foods, different restaurants, different stores selling wondrous gems, clothing and smoking apparatus. And the smell of the ocean hit me. It was nice but it was… different. As we came closer, I noticed that something was off. The sand was… not sandy. I’ve never seen sand this color before. It was some type of grey and it felts weird under my feet. It wasn’t warm, it wasn’t soft, it wasn’t anything I’ve experienced before. And then I looked to the water and I was speechless. While the rest of my family was super excited and racing to get in, I just stood completely confused. This water was also grey. It wasn’t the deep blue that I was used to. I couldn’t see through the water and the waves were too high, way too high. Nevertheless, blindsided by my family’s enthusiasm, I raced into the sea as well and almost lost it. This is where the real shock came in. It was impossibly cold. The water was cold. What? How? When? And why was everyone around me so excited? This was normal? This was enjoyed? I couldn’t comprehend the concept and rushed out as soon as I could. It took me a while to recover from this outing and actually explain what had happened. Or that it fell under the category of culture shock.

Trying something new is always good for you. May I say however that you may also confirm what you actually like after you tried a couple of things. And I can tell you for sure, I do not like cold sea water. I venture from time to time and go to the beach but every time, her beauty betrays me. She is very cold and I prefer my lovers warm bodied.